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cake picnic
acrylic, graphite & pencil on paper - mounted on cradle boardt
22 X 30
8 X 8

Vikki Drummond has been creating with words, paint and graphite for as long as she can remember. Her paintings are a process of adding, removing, drawing, scribbling, writing, wondering, scraping and eventually stopping. She works in layers and is under the impression that she stops when she sees the finished work. Her technique is revealed in the bits that show through, like a secret or a dirty thought.

Who knows why we do the things we do? Vikki started her advanced education in the Fine Arts program at Okanagan College after high school. However she left to follow a boy into the Business program and pursued a degree with a major in sales and marketing. She proceeded to spend many years in this field.

Finally she has found her way back to what she really does. Vikki is currently represented by ARTE Funktional Gallery in Kelowna, BC, Ashpa Naira Gallery in Vernon, BC and Tumbleweed Arts Collective Gallery in Penticton, BC.